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Supercharge Your Writing

The AI keyboard for Android and the Chrome plugin for the web empower you to write and edit with confidence. Convert your rough writing into standard English and adjust the tone of your writing to match any style and 20+ Similar AI Writing Assistance features.

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AI Powered Productivity


Fix Grammar

Refine your writing effortlessly with CleverType's Fix Grammar feature. Say goodbye to embarrassing grammar mistakes and let CleverType handle it all with a single click.


Whatever the content, CleverType ensures your text is error-free and polished, giving you the confidence to communicate effectively. From punctuation and tense inconsistencies to sentence structure and word usage, CleverType has your back, helping you express yourself with precision.

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Word Tone

Say it right with CleverType's Word Tone!


With just a few clicks, you can transform your writing into formal, casual, or sarcastic tones - perfect for any occasion. Plus, with the ability to shorten or expand your text, you can ensure your message is just the right length, no matter what you're writing.

Whether you're crafting an important email, sending a casual text message, or adding a touch of humor to your social media posts, Word Tone makes it easy to get the tone just right


Ask ChatGPT

Simply type your message in the input text field of your favorite app, then click the ChatGPT button to get a personalized response from our AI language model.

Once you get your response from ChatGPT, you can easily click to replace the text you originally typed. No more copy-pasting or manually correcting mistakes - just seamless and effortless typing with CleverType.

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Infinitely Customisable

Experience the ultimate customization with CleverType. Personalize every aspect of your typing experience to match your unique style and preferences. Choose from a wide range of themes to make CleverType truly yours. Glide typing allows for effortless and faster input, while a vast collection of emojis adds a fun and expressive touch to your messages.


Stay organized with clipboard management, easily accessing and reusing frequently used phrases. CleverType supports over 30 languages, ensuring seamless communication in your preferred language.

Works with all your apps

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and much more

We're featured in Top Apps of May 2023 - @howtomen


Our users love us

One of the best keyboard apps that has integrated ChatGPT into it. It is simple yet so useful and unique. From fixing grammar issues, asking ChatGPT questions to changing the word tune of your paragraph. This app makes it easy to access ChatGPT without the need of going into the browser. As for the keyboard part, it has most of the basic functions like copy, paste, clipboard, gestures etc. Overall, I love it.

Excellent keyboard app that provides users with maximum control over their typing. Its comfortable, faster, and more efficient. Another perk of the app is the simple, clean, and intuitive interface. Even with AI is its amazing. With AI its a superpower. ChatGpt, grammar fix is slick

Incredible customization, very accurate, easy to make it feel like yours!

The best and must-have keyboard for every smartphone owner. Suggestion : Do not clear pinned items in the clipboard when history is cleared.

This is what I was looking for. Gives me chatgpt in all the apps. I literally typed in this review using the keyboard.

I’ve been using this smart AI Android keyboard with chatGpt for a while now. And I must say that I'm impressed with it's features and performance. The keyboard feels responsive and accurate, and the autocorrect and word suggestion features are spot-on. 

First of all even without the AI this keyboard is already one of the best! It has so many customizable options. The AI features are really cool. Plus, the developer of this app is very responsive and is keen on adding features. Going to keep a eye out for this app.

This app is incredibly amazing. Fixing grammar in a click is smooth and very helpful. Having multiple themes would be great.

The AI-powered ChatGPT feature is extremely useful for saving time by providing useful information at your fingertips instantly.

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